The first part of my two-week Italian adventure started in Florence! Located in Tuscany, Florence is known for its beautiful landscapes, churches, and food! My first day I wandered around quite a bit after arriving but made a trip over to the Accademia Gallery to see the famous “David” statue along with lots of other beautiful artwork and sculptures! I finished the night off with my first pizza in Italy and some gelato. The next morning I toured Florence’s Duomo, crypts, and baptistery with a group of Elon students that were studying abroad in Florence. Their art history professor was the guide and was very knowledgeable about the different sites! The Duomo’s artwork depicted the different levels of heaven and was stunning to look at! After the tour I hiked the 400 plus stairs up to the top of the bellower to get one of the best views in the city! I then crossed the river and went up to Piazzale Michelangelo to see another amazing view of the city at sunset! The whole square was filled with different vendors and street performers that really made the moment magical.
After traveling around Italy for almost a week and a half I returned to back to Florence for two more days! I was able to view a lot of the cities churches and walked across Ponte Vecchio Bridge known for its high-end jewelry shops. I walked back up Piazzale Michelangelo for the amazing view again and stumbled upon Italy’s Gelato Festival! I was able to buy a pass for a small price and try over 7 different gelatos from all different vendors competing to have the best flavor! Florence was an incredible city with some of the most breath-taking views.


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