Rome was by the biggest city I visited while in Italy I arrived by train from Venice! On the first day I arrived I went and walked around the some the ancient ruins, the city center, and the Pantheon! I also walked to the Trevi Fountain but sadly it was closed due to renovations. The next day I went to the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. The Roman Forum was gigantic and took almost four hours to walk through! The following day I went to Vatican City for the day! First I went to the Vatican museum, which included the Sistine Chapel inside where I saw “The Last Judgment”. I then went inside St. Peter’s Bascillia and got to walk around the massive church for quite a while. Everything was extremely crowded since it was a Wednesday and Mass was held earlier that day. However the Vatican itself was beautiful and really interesting to see. Rome was probably my least favorite city in Italy just because of the heat and the crowds. However the amount of things to see and do was completely overwhelming! Very glad I spent a large amount of time in this city!


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