Venice has to be my favorite city in Italy and may even be my favorite city ever! I took the train from Florence to Venice and then had to take a water taxi once in Venice to get to my hostel. I was staying right by the Railto Bridge in the San Palo district. The location was perfect and I was literally in the center of everything! After getting settled in I found lunch and had the most amazing crostini! I then walked to St. Mark’s Square and went inside St. Mark’s Basilica. I also walked around Dodge’s Palace. Venice was just a beautiful city to get lost in. I really enjoyed walking the streets and finding different shops to look inside. The rivers running through the city were just gorgeous and allowed people to watch those riding gondolas sail on by.
The next day I took the water taxi to Murano and Burano two different islands located off of Venice. Murano is known for its glass making. I was able to walk through a glass museum as well as see workers actually blowing glass! Some of the more intense designs were incredible! Then I sailed over to Burano, which is known for its lace making. Though the lace was extremely expensive the island itself was beautiful to see! All the houses were painted bright colors apparently based on when it was a fishing village. Fisherman would paint their houses the same color as their boats so they could find them when they were coming home late at night after drinking too much. When walking back to my hostel I stumbled upon a Venetian festival of Watermelons that was happening near by! There was music and dancing and of course lots of watermelon!
The last day I took an elevator ride up to the top of St. Marks bell tower to see another incredible view of the city! I was even there on the hour to hear the bells ring right above my head! This day there was a huge festival going on in Venice. Gondolas would race each other through the larger rivers and thousands of people came to watch. There was also a parade of sorts of different beautiful decorated gondolas that would sail by representing different groups. This night I also rode a gondola at sunset through the canals! It was absolutely beautiful and amazing experience! Venice was fantastic! By far my favorite city in Italy and I would love to return here someday!


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