Causey Farm

The first “field trip” my FIE (Foundations in International Educational) program was to Causey Farm. About a two-hour drive from Dublin we were whisked out into the countryside of Ireland. The drive was beautiful with luscious green scenery dotted with cows and horses. When we arrived to Causey Farm we were introduced to our guide for the day who led us into a small cottage type home. There we were split into partners and placed at a station to learn how to make Irish Soda Bread. Each paring made their own loaf that we then would be able to eat later on in the day after the bread had been baked. After our bread had been made we went out to a large field that was home to a few cows but also a Gaelic sporting field. We were given a hurling helmet, hurley (stick), and sliotar (ball). Our instructor gave us some basic tips and information on the game of hurling and allowed us to try and pick up the ball with our sticks and hit them. I was absolutely horrible at the game but it was quite interesting to see the similarities that the game shared with lacrosse and field hockey. After our hurling match we were able to go and see some six-day old puppies and hold them this was probably my favorite part of the day. We then boarded a truck that took us to a bog farther back on the property. Everyone was give the opportunity to go in the bog if they liked through most did not take advantage of the opportunity. Bogs are basically mud versions of quicksand that can be extremely good for your skin. However if you were to get stuck in the bog the high oxidation levels would preserve your body for thousands of years. I jumped in the bog and got quite stuck but really enjoyed the feeling of the cool mud. After we were done in the bog we headed back to the farm to hose off. After getting somewhat clean I was able to learn how to milk a cow. Then finally we were given our baked bread in order to try it. Irish soda bread is extremely thick and heavy but our loaf actually turned out quite well. I really enjoyed our time at the farm and all the activities we were able to participate in!


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