Glasnevin Cemetery

As a part of the Irish Life and Cultures course that all international students are required to take at Dublin Business School we take class trips to different locations. This past week we had our first trip, which was to Glasnevin Cemetery. Our class was led on a guided tour throughout the large cemetery really only seeing a small part of it. Glasnevin is over 124 acres with around 1.5million people buried there. We were able to see the graves of some prominent Irish figures including Michael Collins and Daniel O’Connell. The truly amazing part of the tour was learning that there were detailed records of every single person that was buried there and if you knew a family member was buried in the cemetery you could even look them up. Our tour guide was a wonderful storyteller who you could tell really loved the history of the cemetery. This was also the day that we experienced our first Irish rainstorm during the tour.


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