Rock of Cashel/ Blarney Castle/ Cork City Day Trip

This past weekend a group of friends and I took a day trip from Dublin using the service Viator. We had to wake up at 5am in order to catch our bus at 6am to start our journey towards southwest Ireland. Our first stop was the Rock of Cashel. This was a beautiful old castle and church. We were able to take lots of pictures as our guide told us a lot of the history of the ruins. Next we headed to Blarney Castle, a very popular attraction in Ireland. The castle and grounds itself were absolutely beautiful and we all felt like we could spend a majority of the day there. We climbed the castle to the top and waited in line to kiss the Blarney Stone! The Blarney Stone we were told was originally one whole stone that had split in to half one being here in Ireland and the other half located in Scotland. While the stone was being put in place the King at the time whom had a stutter kissed the stone and his stutter disappeared. Now people from all over the world come to kiss the stone in order to have the gift of smooth talking for the rest of their lives. We were also able to stop at the Blarney Woollen Mills which sold 100% wool sweaters made here in Ireland and something you can’t leave the country without getting. A friend and I each bought a sweater. After Blarney Castle we finally made our way to the city of Cork, which is the second biggest city in Ireland after Dublin. We walked around the English Market and stopped in a few churches before we made our way back to the bus. Our bus driver/guide for the entire trip had been wonderfully fun and informative and on the way back to Dublin took us to a small pub where we could relax for a bit and watch the championship-hurling match. I really enjoyed this trip and all the locations we were able to visit on it!


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