Ed Sheeran Concert

Another amazing opportunity I had in Dublin was to go to an Ed Sheeran concert at the O2 arena! This is the third time I have seen Ed Sheeran live and easily he is my favorite musical artist and performer to see live. I had originally bought my tickets back in April but once I found out my class was going to West Ireland the night I had bought tickets for I had to sell my tickets. Since the concert was sold out I was able to sell my tickets for double there value and buy general standing tickets for the same price a different night. Even though these tickets meant I didn’t have a seat it did mean I had a shot at getting really close to the stage. My friend, Alexis, and I arrived to the concert about 3hrs before doors opened with boxes of pizza to eat. We ended up arriving at about the perfect time because about 10min after we came the line nearly tripled in size! Finally we were let inside and we were so close to the stage! We started off about 8 people back from the front of the stage and directly in the center. I can honestly say I have never been so squished before in my life. Almost constant pushing before the show started and the room grew extremely hot with 14.5K people inside. The opening act was a guy named Saint Raymond who was really excellent. Then finally Ed Sheeran came on! My friend and I had gotten separated in the crowd because of the pushing so at this point I was only about 5 or so people back from the front of the stage. The show was phenomenal with lots of older and newer songs mixed in. The concert itself was absolutely crazy though there were a couple people fainting almost every song from standing so long and the heat. Guards were constantly passing water out to try and help out. My friend ended up fainting as well right before the show ended. The guards told me to go get her after the concert. After the encore the show ended and I stood around while the room cleared out trying to figure out where my friend had been taken. As the room cleared out a security guard threw a bunch of papers towards me saying I could have them. I picked them off the ground and IT WAS ED SHEERAN’S SET LIST!!! I was beyond excited! I was given two copies so once I located my friend in the medical room I gave one to her as well! Even with the craziness of the show it was easily the best concert I have ever been to!


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