Ring of Kerry

Over the weekend I took a lovely weekend trip to my new favorite location in Ireland, The Ring of Kerry. My friend, Clare, and I took a train from Dublin on Friday evening to Killarney located in the west of Ireland. The train was nice and only took about 3hrs. Once we arrived in Killarney we walked a few minutes to the hostel we were staying and checked in. Clare and I then walked around the town for a while and found some dinner. The town of Killarney was adorable! Lots of local pubs, ice creams stores, and small shops. It reminded me of exactly what you imagine a small town in Ireland should look like.

The next morning we left for our Ring of Kerry tour. The tour was quite inexpensive and only had about 10 people on the tour itself. Our tour guide was extremely funny and entertaining during the entire tour. We left at 10am from Killarney and worked our way around the peninsula. We stopped every 10-30min to take pictures and see some of the most amazing views. The landscape reminded me of things you see in movies like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings. With breathtaking mountains and valleys set beside waterfalls, enchanted forests, and beaches. The entire tour was extremely well done though I did wish I would have been able to rent a car and drive the peninsula myself to really spend a lot of time soaking in the sites. Unfortunately in Ireland you have to be 25 to rent a car and also the roads are quite narrow and twisting. The tour however was the best suitable alternative. After the tour we stopped at a local pub for some dinner and to watch the Rugby game. We wandered around the center of town for a while too stopping in shops and getting Murphy’s Ice Cream (also located in Dublin) which was incredible! We also stopped by a new bar opening up that our hostel told us about called The Shire and was supposed to be based of the location of The Hobbit. It was quite cute so we stayed for a little while and then headed back to bed. We left very early Sunday morning to catch the train back to Dublin.

Ring of Kerry was an amazing weekend trip and I would return in a heartbeat. This was easily on of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen! Hopefully next time I will be able to spend more time there as well!


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