Wicklow and Glendalough

On Monday there was no class since Ireland had a Bank Holiday! Over the past few weeks I have been attending a small group at a Vineyard’s church in Dublin led by a couple named Ken and Jody. Ken and Jody recently moved here from America where they had been on Young Life staff previously! They offered to help me utilize my day off by joining in with them and their two kids on their trip to Wicklow and Glendalough just south of Dublin. So on Monday morning we all piled into the car and set out for Powerscourt. The best part of the trip was the amazing view from the car window as we drove through the countryside. Powerscourt is a beautiful mason located in Wicklow that is full of history. We got lunch here after walking around the interior and grounds for a bit. I got amazing seafood chowder that came with brown bread. We then went up into the hills and saw some beautiful mountains with a river running right through the center. We hiked up for a little and explored an old monastery that had once stood there. We then headed over to Glendalough which has two lakes located near each other. We walked through another old monastery that had a cone tower along side of it. The tower looked just like Rapunzel’s castle, which I was really excited about! We walked through the woods a bit and then came across both lakes. The view was once again spectacular! A mist was rolling off the mountains as the sun set in the distance over the lake. We ended the night by grabbing some ice cream and heading back to Dublin. I was so thankful for Jody and Ken taking me along with them on this spectacular adventure to such a gorgeous part of Ireland.


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