Granada, Spain

My final destination in Spain was Granada! I had heard a lot of amazing things about this city from my brother who had studied abroad in Madrid a number of years ago so I was really excited to check it out! I got in at about 5am so I had to take a taxi to my hostel. Luckily my hostel was extremely nice and let me check into my room early so I could sleep a while until things started opening up. My original plan for the day was to head to Alhambra, the main attraction of the city, but was told by someone working at the hostel that you must but tickets in advance because they sell out everyday! I was fortunate in that I could still buy tickets for the following day. Since I didn’t really come up with a backup plan for that day I just explored the city with not too much of a plan. I found lots of cool shops that sold really interesting crafts and jewelry that reminded me of what I would find in Morocco. I even bought a pair of flowy pants that you always see people riding camels in! I got dinner at a local restaurant and then called it an early night since I was still really exhausted from a lack of sleep on the bus ride.

The next morning I woke up early to head to Alhambra! When booking tickets you have to pick a certain time to go and see the palace area and you must arrive almost an hour early so you don’t miss it! I bought an audio guide as well to tell me all about the history of what I was seeing. The place was just beautiful! Full of Islamic architecture this building dates back to 889 AD. From when it was originally built different rulers that are apart of various religious organizations have added much on. The palace was my favorite part for how breathtaking it was there were also amazing gardens attached as well. Large towers were also located in Alhambra that you could climb and see the entire city! I spent my entire day exploring every inch of this wonder until I couldn’t walk anymore. At the base of hill that Alhambra is located I found a nice restaurant that had a three-course meal for a set price. I got calamari, paella, and then crème caramel for dessert.I went back to my hostel to sleep until I woke up at 4am to head to the airport in Granada to fly to Switzerland!

I really loved seeing Alhambra in Granada and was glad I made the trip out there to see it! The city wasn’t nearly as wonderful as Barcelona and Madrid had been but I would recommend making a day trip to Granada if you have time!


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