Madrid, Spain

After about a 7hr bus journey from Barcelona I finally arrived in Madrid, Spain! It was quite early in the morning still but I took the metro from the bus station to Plaza de Sol where my hostel was located. After checking in and hanging out for a few hours I met up with my friend from home, Alyssa. We walked around the city for a while just chatting and then stopped at a cute café to grab some tea. We then went to the Royal Palace in Madrid and walked around the beautiful gardens outside. We grabbed lunch at large indoor tapas place that had all sorts of different vendors called Mercado de San Miguel. I got to try all sorts of different dishes but really feel in love with Jamon Iberico which is a special type of ham from Spain where the pigs are only fed acorns. Afterwards we to a famous churro place to get chocolate churros. The place was called Chocloteria San Gines. We walked around a lot of shops and then headed towards Parque del Retiro. The park was just beautiful and we had a wonderful time just walking around. We got dinner later that night at another tapas place where we got to try even more amazing dishes.

The next day I spent the first half of the day on my own exploring Madrid. I found a free city tour group that I went on for three hours and really enjoyed it! They took me to all sorts of different places in the city that I hadn’t been yet and told us the history behind the tapas, the oldest restaurant in the world which is located in Madrid, the Madrid royal family, and much more! After the tour I got a Jamon Iberico sandwich for lunch and walked around Plaza de Sol and Plaza de Mayor. I then went to the Museo del Prado to wait in line to get in free. The Museum normally costs money to get in but if you wait till 6pm you can get in free for 2hrs till the Museum closes. The Museum was massive but I was able to see a lot of it in the 2hrs I had there. Many famous paintings that I had learned about in school were housed there and it was an awesome experience to view them in real life! After the museum I headed back to my hostel for an hour and then met up with Alyssa to grab dinner before I had to leave the city. We had some amazing food once again and then said our goodbyes and I hopped on another overnight bus to Granada, Spain!

I really enjoyed my time in Madrid especially because I got to see my friend, Alyssa. The food I also got to try in Madrid was amazing! I think my favorite city in Spain is Barcelona still but Madrid is a close second.


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