Interlaken, Switzerland

After my wonderful time in Spain I was headed to Switzerland to meet up with my friend Sydney! I was really excited about this trip since going to Switzerland has always been a dream of mine! I flew into Zurich and then took a train from Zurich to Interlaken, which is a small town in the beautiful countryside of Switzerland. I arrived once it was dark so I couldn’t see much of the town at first. I walked from the train station to my hostel and met up with my friend Sydney. We decided to go grab some fast food for dinner and then call it a night so we could get up early the next day.

We got up early for breakfast in our hostel, which was amazing! We were able to sit outside with a perfect view of the mountains and eat homemade bread and Swiss cheese! We then decided to hike on of the trails that lead up on of the Swiss Alp Mountains and have a picnic lunch at the top. We stopped at a local grocery store and loaded up with bread, cheese, chocolate, grapes, and water and started our hike. The hike was a lot more intense than I think either of us was planning for. Going up the mountain took almost 3hrs of lots of sweat and water stops. The view from the top though was entirely worth it. You could see the entire town and the next three towns over! We ate our lunch and spent some time doing bible study. It took us only about an hour to head back down the mountain. After we got down we were surprisingly cold since we were not longer sweating. We stopped in a cute restaurant/chocolate store and bought some hot chocolate to warm us up. We bought some food at the grocery store to eat for dinner and then headed back to the hostel to shower and hangout for the remainder of the night. Food in Switzerland along with pretty much everything is super expensive. Buying food at the grocery store and cooking it was about a fraction of the price of what it would have been to eat out.

The next morning we got up and ate breakfast at the hostel once again. We walked around the town a bit and watched parasails float down from the top of the mountains. We then walked to the most gorgeous lake I have ever seen! The water was so crystal clear and framed perfectly by the mountains. We walked a while around the lake and then headed back to eat dinner. I then walked around the shops for a while. The town was full of chocolate watch shops, which was really cool to look at. We tried to find another lake that was on the other side of town but it ended up being much further than we expected so we never made it there. We ended up finding a different café and getting hot chocolate again. We packed up our stuff that night and got ready to leave the next morning.

Monday morning we got on the train again but this time to Basel, Switzerland where we would be flying out of back to Dublin. This airport was really interesting since it was half in France and half in Switzerland!

I really loved Interlaken and would return in a heartbeat to anywhere in this country! The landscape was just breathtaking and I was really able to capture some unreal photos. The people were all so friendly and with country known for its chocolate and cheese there was no way to go wrong! Switzerland is now tied with New Zealand for my favorite country ever!


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