End of October Update

So as October comes to a close so does my first official month in Dublin, Ireland. This month has been both wonderful and challenging. I have traveled quite a bit so far but don’t really plan on slowing down anytime soon. Looking ahead to the next month I already have trips planned to England, Northern Ireland, Germany, and my fall break where I will be traveling to Spain and maybe a few other countries as well.

I have grown quite a bit closer to a lot of people on my trip which, has been lovely. I have started attending a bible study group at a local Vineyards church taught by a husband and wife who recently moved to Ireland from Texas. Before moving to Dublin they were Young Life area directors! Autumn weather has set in over in Ireland but the weather is still quite pleasant. It rains a bit more now but still not too often and here it rains very on and off as opposed to all day which is nice. The temperature is still in the upper 50’s and low 60’s which isn’t too cold yet. The city itself has started getting ready for halloween and the rest of the holiday season. I found out recently that Dublin has a Christmas Market which I am really excited about!

The tough part of study abroad mostly boil down to money. It can be quite overbearing to always be checking bank accounts and worrying about everything you buy and outweighing if you can afford it or not. I have recently been re-looking at some of the travel I wanted to do and debating if it was best to cut some countries out in order to save some money. Also getting prepared for my return next semester has been a bit overwhelming. I have course registration due in a couple of weeks, picking out my meal plan, and finalizing housing for my return. I received my placement for my practicum that I will be completing over winter term at Planned Parenthood while continuing to work on my summer internship application. Trying to remind myself to stay in the moment of this amazing adventure is difficult but I am so glad I am here.

This month has been wonderful and full with lots of trying new things and adventures. This past week I was able to attend my first Rugby game, Leinster vs. Wasps and Dublin’s team(Leinster) even won! Though I had no idea what I was watching half the time the game was very exciting and I really enjoyed the experience. Also this week my class went on the Hellfire Club tour. This was perfect for Halloween because our guide led us to some really interesting sites that were filled with creepy stories  based on historical events. Even though we were all a bit on edge we got to se the most gorgeous view of Dublin at night overlooking the city.

Well that is all I have for now but look for my next blog post in a few days about my trip to London I am taking this weekend!


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